The Gathering of  Women Inc. a non profit 501(c)(3) organization founded to provide a voice for women and a force for change. 
          We are a cross cultural alliance of women catalyzing partnership and developing community projects to achieve sustained economic

          security & opportunities for members of the community. 

          We're a community of empowered , multi-generational women who believe in uplifting and celebrating other women. We're not just women who want to 

          discuss marketing strategy , we also want to discuss health and wellness strategy. We not only talk about supporting women owned business but we're 

          a group that produce exclusive events and projects where you can interact  with one another. We support all backgrounds and all ages , because we believe 

          that every woman brings something to the table..

           The Gathering of Women is a place where we can nurture relationships in a way that feels comfortable, we meet at a venue where we can  
          make the rules, and a private space that empowers us. We are judged all the time and we'd like to occasionally be in a place where we are judged less.

          Or at least judged on criteria that pertains to our jobs rather than our gender.